Recessed Cockpit Rim


From the very start I have not been happy with my cockpit. Not the looks, that it looked like a million dollar, but my contact with the boat was not satisfactory at all. On top of this, the rim obstructed hip-flexibility sideways as well as backways.
I have tried with varies thigh-supports and padding, to little or no avail. One good thing has come from this though - a stronger C-C roll. ;)

I am familiar, and happy, with Kajaksport Vikings cockpit - NDK Romany likewise. Hence I have decided to rebuild my million dollar cockpit into a recessed type. In the process, it will be lowered about 3cm, and moved about 5cm aft.

The weather is finally getting warm enough for outdoor epoxywork - or at least it will be shortly - so today I removed the cockpit-rim, and cut the deck accordingly to its new position. There was a lot of work involved in removing the old thighbraces and the rear bulkhead.

Dotted line shows the 60mm aft correction. Hole it cut...


Nice weather today, so I could work outdoor. 3/4 of the strips have now been put into place in the cockpit platform.


The gap is done strip-wise.

Strips in place.


Sanded and ready for fibreglassing.

Quite a lot that came off.


First part of fibreglassing is done: Glass and epoxy, plus two additional layers of epoxy. Now the tidious sanding waits for me...


Sanding of deck, prior to cutting the hole for the rim, is done.


Deck glassed outside, rim in place, glassed inside - wait for hardening.....

Rim fixed. Looks promising.


Filling under the rim is done. Gee, there wasn't much room.
Began making a new rear bulkhead, instead og the original minicel one. Glued, and glass on one side so far.
Took the seat from Kajaksport Viking, and made preparations for mounting it instead of the minicel one. My wife liked the minicel so much, so she will get in her Viking - in time I will mold myself a new one, from my behind.!


Fitted the new bulkhead, and applied glass on the other side of it.


Bulkhead is now in place with hoses for leveling possible water between the stowages.
Glued in patches where I had damaged the glass in the process of removing thighbraces etc.
Cockpit rim is glassed from outside now as well.
Brackets for Vikings seat are glued in place.


Last layers of epoxy are applied. The result in clarity and finish is not as brilliant as first time that it's (almost?) impossible to sand into the old glass, so you can't see it. Also at the innerside of the coaming, I should have sanded deeper before I glued it in again.


Sanding, washing and masking is done - ready for varnishing!

Tideous sanding....


Varnished 1. time. The wetzone is rather large in these temperatures; Tenish i'd say.

I only had time for two layers of varnish, a pity, but that's how it will be for now.
Have now had the new rim in test, with temporary 'Romany-like' theighbraces - I find the work has been well worth the effort. I've gotten my screw/brace roll back!! :-)
I'm testing a little additional keel / permanent skeg if you like, hence varnishing of the hull will have to wait a little longer.

Looking smooth....

steen bondo

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